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Online Service for Families and Child-friendly Businesses

KIDELP aims to help children and families through providing them with information about useful local and online services.

What KIDELP offers to parents and families:

  • Our service is seen as a go-to and to-do guide for parents and child carers.

  • They need to discover new things to do with the kids and we provide that for them.

  • We work with an array of providers so the selection is wider for them.

  • Families will be able to reach many more local businesses and services. 

Explore the KIDELP opportunity for your business!

KIDELP is an online marketplace for child-friendly businesses or service providers for families. We lead traffic to your profile page and your products or services. Our prospect is to provide an online marketplace for your shop and we provide marketing services for you. When you subscribe with us, you will become a vendor with a dashboard for you to sell your products and services online.

Why is KIDELP different?

We are passionate about child-friendly experiences. We have an ever-growing community of parents with a common objective of finding the most worthwhile places, activities, attractions etc. for their kids and family.

  • We promise to connect your local and online services for kids to local families

  • Get maximum exposure and visibility 

  • Reach parents who want more for their kids and family

  • Focus on delivering better quality products/services

  • Get the marketing results you want

  • Take your business to the next level

Join KIDELP now to sell your products and services with expert marketing strategies, hassle-free from having a separate online shop.

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